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What am I doing right now?

 I am listening to Steve Maraboli’s radio show on blogtalkradio. I listen to his show all the time. I think he’s honest and to the point, truthful and empowering. If you haven’t listened yet, maybe just once you could try it out. Today he had Colette Baron-Reid. He’s talked to a lot of authors: James Redfield, the author of The Skinny Bitch, Byron Katie, Don Miguel Ruiz, Ariane de Bonvoisin, Greg Davis, Neil Donald Walsh, etc etc etc.

So, try it, and you just might like what you hear.

(ok, my commercial is done. LOL!)

This is my dad. He died when I was 15. He committed suicide. I heard that he tried to do it when he was 15 or 16 and of course it didn’t happen. He was my best friend.

He would sit up late at night and turn the tv off and ask me questions about my life, because I was shy and it was hard for me to open up about things.

I remember he was really good with people. He had a lot of friends. I mean, you should’ve seen the line of cars behind the limo going to the gravesite. It was so long.

Sometimes people suffer in silence and the many people around them don’t even notice. I think about my dad a lot and feel him around me often. There are times I wish things ended up differently, but this is how things turned out. Everything happens for a reason.

I remember the day he died. I had this fleeting thought on the way to school. I thought, what would happen if my dad died. The next thought was, I’d visit his grave and talk to him there.

The last thing I ever said to my dad was I love you. I have never, ever regretted saying that… it was the best thing I could say to him since he actually was struggling.

I feel it’s important to say how you feel about someone you care about, but it’s more important to show it. Words can end up becoming so empty and meaningless. Actions speak louder than words, they say.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it.

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